Fitness Clubs
AI-based Fitness Club Automation Solution
How can the wellness industry benefit from AI?

The potential benefits are huge. This tool can help automate many labor-intensive processes, which is important for customer service, their adaptation and comfort in the club, avoid human errors, which is especially important for rehabilitation programs, fitness doctors, medical fitness - not least - to obtain economic benefits.
Product development
Attraction of new clients
Data about new customers coming through Digital channels, targeting new customers, optimizing advertising placements to attract new customers
Retaining Current Customers
Predicting customer churn for targeted offers, offer recommendation system for retention
Automation of communication with a customer
Using artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions in digital channels
The key to retaining existing customers is a predictive churn model, which not only identifies customers who tend to leave, but also determines the factors that affect churn
Focus on retaining current customers and automating communication as the fastest way to implement the direction

Collecting data on new and potential customers, targeting new customers and optimizing advertising placements as more resource-intensive areas
Factors affecting the outflow
  • 1
    Contract duration
  • 2
    Average visit duration
  • 3
    Service Consumption
  • 4
    Remaining amount of freezing
  • 5
    The presence of a coach
  • 6
  • 7
    Remaining bonus
  • 8
    Beauty services
We recommend building a retention strategy on a hybrid of proactive retention of prospective outflowers and targeted promotion of additional services that affect customer retention.
The churn model turned out to be good, as the average churn is high (50%). The use of the model is economically feasible to combat the outflow.

Important factors influencing churn are the consumption of additional services, the presence of a trainer and communication with the client.
Retention of existing customers
  • -1-
    Predictive churn model
    Identification of customers prone to churn in the current month for targeted communication
  • -2-
    Offer recommendation
    Recommending retention offers to customers based on their similarity and propensity to consume certain products
  • -3-
    One Decision
    One system generating an offer based on two customer scores: propensity to accept and propensity to churn
Automation of communication with customers

Development of a communication bot in popular messengers and in a personal account and application

How it works
Potential for AI Implementation
  • Step 1
    Data Studio supplies software in the form of a recommender system, which is trained on FK data.
    Data Studio provides support for this software.
  • Step 2
    The recommendation system constantly analyzes the profile of customers and FC products and offers customers the most relevant offers, as well as offers to prevent churn

  • Step 3
    FC provides equipment for software installation, provides integration channels with its systems. FC also develops creative texts and banners for offers
What is required for implementation
We offer a boxed solution that is installed in the FC infrastructure. All data is kept inside
  • 1
    Server hardware
  • 2
    Integration with 1C for customer data
  • 3
    Integration into customer communication systems
  • 4
    Recommendation system
  • 5
    Offers (texts, banners)
  • 6
    Project team from FC (marketing + IT)
  • 7
    Time: 1-3 months (depending on integration)
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