How to increase the economic effect by tens of millions of dollars a year?
Increasing the accuracy of forecasts using neural networks
When forecasting prices and quotes, an error is inevitable.
By shipping to the wrong market, making a deal at the wrong time, or approving the wrong deals, the company misses out on a large amount of profit. The larger this error, the greater the potential loss.
data studio:
But you can increase the accuracy of the forecast by 2-3 times using neural networks and always know which market you can earn more on!
Project for the implementation of AI in an industrial company in numbers
We can predict the price of goods that have passed the stage of processing, the so-called "quasi-commodities", for example, steel, fertilizers, polypropylene, etc.
In the market, reliable forecasts are possible.
The high predictability of the price of "quasi-commodity" is due to the fact that:
  • 1
    The number of sellers, buyers and factors influencing the price is limited.
  • 2
    These factors include the cost of the feedstock (commodity, commodity) and the price of intermediate products that are known at the time the forecast is made.
  • 3
    Similar products are produced in different countries with time differences. The already known price of a competitive product affects the price of your product.
We determine the factors that reliably affect the price
Raw material price
Plant performance data
Historical quotes
Market News
Supply and demand balance
Prices in other countries
Data Studio implemented this idea by developing a proprietary AVGUR software module and applied its development in a case for an industrial company.
We already have a solution
The time to adapt the solution for business is two to four months
Analyzing the business
Identify factors that affect the price

Uploading data to the Avgur predictive module with your IT systems
Training your team
Developing advanced solutions based on neural networks since 2016
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